‘Cover Me Up’- Jason Isbell

There’s been a whole mess of complimentary things written everywhere about Jason Isbell’s new record, Southeasternand, well, it’s all deserved, every last word of it. It’s a heartbreaking masterpiece from start to finish, filled to the brim with devastating, smartly-written tales of broken lives, broken relationships and broken love, and it’s been the almost exclusive soundtrack to today.

Below is ‘Cover Me Up,’ my favorite track from the album and one of the finest songs I’ve heard all year. Enjoy.


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4 Responses to ‘Cover Me Up’- Jason Isbell

  1. Rachel says:

    Hmm..suddenly Monday doesn’t seem so Monday-ish. What a great song (and post).

  2. Have you seen him on this tour yet? When he did this tune I just stood there with tears streaming down my goddamn face while the rest of the room was 100% silent, stunned. So much raw, beautiful soul pumped into a single song.

  3. Thanks for this Adam. Being the Southern sober chick that I am, this song hits me on So Many Levels. I’ll be sharing this weekend, though it’ll be hard to wait that long. ~ Christy

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