‘Thunder Clatter’- Wild Cub

Words by Kristen Mitchell

In 2012, electro-poppers Wild Cub made their debut at Bonnaroo and were named one of The Wall Street Journal’s “CMJ Bands to Watch.” Just a year later and they’ve premiered videos on sites like Spin and PASTE, released their debut LP, Youth, which showcases the now five-piece band’s dexterity in seamless transitions between infectious electro-pop, tropical rhythms, and quiet washes of cinematic reflection, and played festivals like SXSW and Hangout Fest. And this weekend they’ll take the stage in the Windy City at Lollapalooza 2013.

The infectious tropical pop of this five-piece band is at the top of my listening list for the festival. Songwriter-composer Keegan DeWitt and multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Bullock know how to translate electrifying rhythms into something disarming and edgy.

Kristen Mitchell is the founder & editor of the Chicago-based blog A Beer With The Band. An entire website dedicated to interviewing bands over beers and pairing beers with jams? Yeah, you’re damn right I’m a fan. 

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