‘Feel to Follow’- The Maccabees

Words and pictures by Victoria Sanders


Ever since Given to the Wild was released in 2012, I’ve played it, in full, at least once per week, if not multiple times in a day. It still stands as one of my favourite albums of all time. It’s best listened to in full. There’s something about The Maccabees sound, the wall of guitars and melodies, that create an experience in listening. 

How should one listen to this song? Loudly. With their eyes closed, taking in each and every note that’s played. After listening to multiple versions of this song, I’ve chosen their most recent Daytrotter session version of ‘Feel to Follow’ as my Song for the Day. If I could, I’d choose each, and every, track on this album. However, I’m limited to one today.


Given to the Wild showed a maturity to The Maccabess as musicians, and people. Their musical evolution has been a pleasure to witness. They’re currently in their studio in the Elephant & Castle area of London recording their fourth release. It’s something I’m very exited to hear when it’s finally released to the world, hopefully in early 2014. If you ever have a chance to see The Maccabees live, take the opportunity. It’ll be one of the best live shows you ever attend.


Bonus: Here are a few more versions, because more is better.

Victoria Sanders is an English transplant living in Chicago and is one of the voices behind the terrific Rarebit Music blog. Oh, and she also takes lots of real pretty pictures and posts them on Instagram– you should follow her there.

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One Response to ‘Feel to Follow’- The Maccabees

  1. jprobichaud says:

    Great track! Great album!

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