‘Little Bird’- Hollow Wood

Words by Ian Belter

I joked with Adam that I was going to write about a Garth Brooks song, and honestly, I would have written about “Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old)” if I hadn’t stumbled across the Boise band Hollow Wood.

I discovered them as I tried to figure out who to see at the Denver music festival The UMS (Underground Music Showcase) this past week. I only really knew that I wanted to see Escondido and Lord Huron (and a couple of other local acts), so the rest of schedule was up in the air. Not to sit on my hands, I started to listen to some of the bands coming to Denver.

Lo and behold, I came across this one take video of Hollow Wood’s “Little Bird.” It’s worth the nine plus minutes; believe me.


Ian Belter is the founder/fearless leader of 1146 Miles, one of my very favorite blogs. It’s one of those places you should make sure you stop at on the daily, because you like good music and Ian & his crew like posting good music.

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