While I’m out…

It’s time for a little summer blog vacation, but unlike the last few years the site won’t be just sitting idle. No sir/ma’am, not this year. This time around I’ve gotten some friends- some I know in real life, others I know just through the power of the internet, but all are awesome and all are friends- to pen some posts for you & me on songs they love. There weren’t any real parameters given, so the posts are creative and all over the place style-wise, which means you’re all in for a big, big treat (and also means that while I’m on vacation I’ve got to figure out how to write better, because they all did real good things with words and ideas and sentences and feelings and I… do not do that good of a job with such things).

Anyhow, the first post will go up tonight and they will go up one a day, Monday through Friday this week and next, and may even spill over into the week after that (so no posts on the next few weekends, either). You’re in good hands, promise.

Catch you in a few weeks, everyone. Enjoy.

(If you really miss me I’ll be on Twitter and Instagram probably a lot, and Facebook probably a little, so check there.)

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