Out of the office… (kind of)

I’m currently in the middle of Wisconsin hanging out with my family, drinking as much Spotted Cow (which is the nectar of the gods) as possible and getting eaten alive by the bugs (seriously, what are you guys feeding them up here?)… and dealing with an internet signal that’s… rough (to be kind). Oh, and then next week I’ll be taking a trip to the woods outside of Seattle for the Timber! Outdoor Music Festival with some of my favorite folks in the world. Which is all to say that I think it’s about time to take that summer vacation from the blog I’ve been thinking about for awhile now (though I’ll still be Tweetin‘ and, maybe, Facebookin‘).

BUT…but… that isn’t to say things are going to be quiet around here; there won’t be any posts this weekend, sure, but there will be a new Monday Links on, you know, Monday and then the real fun will start around here. I’ll have more details on what that ‘real fun’ is, exactly, but just know that a) you’ll love it and b) I’m really, really excited to share it with you.

So, check back Monday. And if you really, really miss me, listen to any of the 4 summer mixes I’ve made just for you (yes, you) while you sweat out these dog days of summer. Enjoy.

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