‘In/Out’- Dan Croll

Here’s the thing: I am tired of summer already, which is a problem since the real hot, humid, gross part of summer is just now starting. I’m tired of sweating, sunscreen, and the sound of the air conditioner protruding through the wall. I’m tired of beers that won’t stay cold on the deck, rolled up windows while driving and gnats. Tired of it all, basically, and it’s just begun. However, for a glorious few moments Dan Croll’s incredibly catchy new single/summer jam, ‘In/Out,’ makes me see/think/feel that maybe summer isn’t so bad. Maybe. I mean, I do love lightning bugs and grilling out and long days. Alright. ALRIGHT. Summer isn’t so bad. I still hate the sound of that damn air conditioner, though. But I do love this song.

Dan Croll is currently hard at work on his debut album. If you go here you can trade your email for an mp3 of ‘Can You Hear Me,’ a (seriously tremendous) track set to appear on said debut album. Enjoy.

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