‘Ivory Black’- Seryn

I’ve tried to be really careful with this word lately, as you know, but… this new tune from Seryn is absolutely, positively gorgeous. It also happens to contain one of my favorite lines so far this year: I’m not looking for a home, I’m just looking for some rest. Basically an A+ all around. This is a real good one, guys and gals. Enjoy.

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One Response to ‘Ivory Black’- Seryn

  1. Kayla says:

    a) I approve of the use of gorgeous. b) Were you trying to make me cry at my desk? “The moment I am sure I am sure to second guess.” Apparently, all the wasted energy spent second guessing about what needs to happen over the next couple months made salty water want to fall out my eyes. Oh well, these things happen. See you soon my dear friend!

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