‘Slow Down’ / ‘A Clear Mind, A Better Time’- Del Water Gap

When I find something new I really like (a song, a video, an album, etc) I tend to excitedly pass it around to some of my friends, urging them to listen and hoping they will be as into it as I am. Sometimes they are, sometimes they aren’t. About two weeks ago I was sent a remastered copy of Del Water Gap’s debut EP and immediately began the process of pushing the wonderful collection of breezy love songs and smart, vivid city tales on my friends, hoping at least a few of them would find it as spectacular as I did. A thing that rarely happens happened: they all loved it. A lot. As much as I did, actually. I think you’ll find yourself equally as enamored.

Del Water Gap released their remasted Del Water Gap EP yesterday. Take a listen to my two favorite tracks, ‘Slow Down’ and ‘A Clear Mind, A Better Time’ below, and then go grab the EP over on Bandcamp at your earliest convenience. Enjoy.

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