‘Espeon’/’Slow Motion’- PHOX

Nothing sounded good today until I finally listened to my friends. See, my friends (the loudest being Heather from Fuel/Friends and the gentlemen from Vinyl Me, Please) have been singing the praises of PHOX for some time now and I had just managed to never get around to listening. That is, until today, when I came home from a long day and put on PHOX’s newest EP, Confetti, and loudly let it play through. Over and over and over and …well, you get the point- I got lost for a few hours in these six songs that are filled to the brim with charm, sincerity and a beautiful grit. Moral of the story: I need to listen to my friends. They have good taste in music.

Grab Confetti over on Bandcamp for whatever you see fit to pay. Enjoy.

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