‘Konstantine’- Something Corporate

The last few summers I’ve kicked around the idea of doing a week of emo/pop-punk/whathaveyou songs & albums from my high school years (the ones after I grew out of Dave Matthews Band). This year, it’s happening…in fact, it’s happening this week. Today: Something Corporate.

…because there was no other way this ridiculous, self-indulgent week of emo/pop-punk/whatever could end than with this number (oh, and with a mix tomorrow, obviously). This was like the emo-kid version of ‘Song For Zula.’ Enjoy.

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One Response to ‘Konstantine’- Something Corporate

  1. Owen says:

    I got a big kick out of this week of posts. My formative years were spent more on the jamband side of things (Phish, Grateful Dead, Strangefolk, moe., etc.) but it’s funny how different paths led us to liking so much of the same stuff. I never really got into this area of the musical universe. I definitely had my Nirvana/Pearl Jam/Alice in Chains/Smashing Pumpkins experience too. It’s funny what from that time I will still listen to today. I still go see a few of the “jambands” and damn if I don’t crank it every time Cherub Rock comes on Sirius Radio. So incredibly true about getting rid of old CDs. I actually have 2 copies of the same album of one band and I can’t seem to part with either of them…and I have no good reason for that.

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