‘Holly Hox Forget Me Nots’/’The Last Lie I Told’- Saves the Day

The last few summers I’ve kicked around the idea of doing a week of emo/pop-punk/whathaveyou songs & albums from my high school years (the ones after I grew out of Dave Matthews Band). This year, it’s happening…in fact, it’s happening this week. Today: Saves the Day.

I fully expect someone to come here and try to tell me that Stay What You Are is the best album Saves the Day ever made. Don’t be that person- that person is wrong, obviously, as the distinction belongs to Through Being Cool. A collection of 12 crunchy, smartly constructed pop-punk tunes, Through Being Cool was one of those albums that I bought blindly (back then I thought that if a band listed another band in their liner notes that I should trust them that that band was worth my money…those were simpler times) and ended up absolutely enamored with (which didn’t happen often- more often than not I would have been better served flushing my $12 down the toilet). How much did I love this album? I discovered the other night that I still know just about every word to Through Being Cool. That’s… probably not healthy.

‘Holly Hox Forget Me Nots’ and ‘The Last Lie I Told’ were my favorite tunes on the album. I won’t lie to you: I still think they are catchy as hell. Enjoy.

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