in the channels of my dreams – a mix

No fancy introduction for this: below is a mix of 25 songs I’ve been listening to a whole lot lately. Some are new, some are new-ish and some aren’t new at all. They are all, in my opinion, great tunes. Enjoy.

(listen via the embedded player above or click here to listen on 8tracks)

1. ‘Bear’- Towers
2. ‘Countryside’- Tiger Waves
3. ‘As I Am’- Paper Bird
4. ‘Wishing You The Best’- Campfire OK
5. ‘Brother Roland’- Pickwick
6. ‘Breadcrumb Trail’- Buried Beds
7. ‘Flaws’ (Daytrotter Session)- Bastille
8. ‘Australia’- Conner Youngblood
9. ‘Human’- Daughter
10. ‘Dancing On My Own’ (Robyn cover)- Night Beds
11. ‘Move Me’- Lemolo
12. ‘Garden’ (Notes from Home)- Hey Marseilles
13. ‘Feel Good Smell Good Woman Blues’ (live)- Shakey Graves
14. ‘Where Can I Go?’- Laura Marling
15. ‘How To Turn Back Again’- Fort Frances
16. ’40/40′ (HearYa Session)- Field Report
17. ‘Three Months’- Local Natives
18. ‘Line of Fire’- Junip
19. ‘Ghost’- Folly and the Hunter
20. ‘Pain/Love’ (Fuel/Friend Chapel Session)- Typhoon
21. ‘Indiana’- Jamie Mitchell
22. ‘Metal Strings’- Ghosts I’ve Met
23. ‘Sask’- Donovan Woods
24. ‘It Keeps Going’- Courtney Marie Andrews
25. ‘Homes and Photographs’- Small Houses

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