‘Flaws’- Bastille

Remember awhile back when I posted three versions of ‘Pompeii’ by Bastille because I couldn’t pick a version I liked the best? Well, running into the same problem with their song ‘Flaws,’ so it’s going to get the same triple version treatment. I hope you don’t mind (I don’t think you will). Enjoy.

Live and Acoustic in Paris


Live at Abbey Road



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3 Responses to ‘Flaws’- Bastille

  1. Sam. says:

    God, I needed this. I don’t mind seeing in thrice at all, you’re right. (Also his voice, holy hell.)

  2. wordsurfer says:

    So, Germany isn’t allowing me to actually listen to the second and third one (F**K you, GEMA!*), but the first one is BEAU-TI-FUL… The acoustics in that hall… and his voice… And his bones shirt in contrast to that formal architecture… Love it!

    * GEMA = German Association for the Protection of Rights Associated with Musical Performances and Dissemination of Music

  3. kelly says:

    So So good! thanks for the introduction to these guys. Any ideas as to how to buy any of their albums? Has anyone in the US tried to buy the digital album off their UK site?

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