‘Good Times’- The Changing Colors

I didn’t know what the name of song was that Conor Bourgal (one half of The Changing Colors) started off his set with at a house show I saw in Colorado Springs in the first days of 2013, but I knew that I was totally blown away by it and wanted to hear it again as soon as it was over. I looked a bit on the internet once I got back home, but came up empty and sort of gave up looking. (Could I have just emailed Conor to find out? Sure, but I don’t need your facts around here.)

Turns out ‘Good Times’ was the name of the song I was looking for, as I found out last week when it premiered over at Pigeons and Planes. Also, turns out I’m still completely blown away by this tune that’s full of grit and heartache and plays like an honest man’s hymn. I think you will be, too.

The Changing Colors will be releasing Joan & The King on May 18th, which you can pre-order right here. Enjoy.

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3 Responses to ‘Good Times’- The Changing Colors

  1. Dainon says:

    I love this tune a lot. I also wish it lasted about 10 minutes longer.

  2. wordsurfer says:

    I keep pressing play on this one… It’s such a simple little song, yet it’s highly addictive.

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