‘Blood & Bones’- Paper Bird

Two things to talk about today.

First, ‘Blood & Bones’ by Paper Bird is my jam at the moment. It’s all sweet harmonies & bouncy rhythm, the aural equivalent of a carefree summer day and has sounded absolutely perfect as the temperature (and humidity) has risen to early summer levels out of the blue over the last few days. Here, grab some lemonade and take a listen:


And second, I forgot to link the new collaborative spring playlist on Spotify earlier this week, and that’s where I found the above wonderful jam (and a ton others- people have been doing awesome work adding stuff so far) thanks to reader Lettie. So click here to go to the playlist, take a look at/listen to what’s been added so far and then throw any other tracks you think sound like spring on it. Don’t be shy- it’s always a lot of fun and there are no wrong answers. And for those who don’t have access to Spotify, leave any suggestions in the comments and I’ll get them added. Enjoy.

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