‘California Sway’- Smooth Hound Smith

I don’t know what one does to perform the ‘California Sway,’ but if it involves sitting on your deck drinking a beer and listening to ‘California Sway’ by Smooth Hound Smith over and over while the sun goes down, I freaking nailed it. Or, you know, if it entails listening to ‘California Sway’ over and over while alternating blank stares at a spreadsheet and longing looks out the window, I also freaking nailed it. I hope it involves one of those two scenarios, cause I have no dance moves, guys, and I really like this song and want to participate.

Big thanks to Sam over at Folk Hive for the introduction- this little gem is featured on her freshly posted spring mix, which, as I mentioned in Monday Links, you need to go download and get in your ears because it is full of the awesome. Smooth Hound Smith is currently putting the finishing touches on a new record, which makes me (and should make you) real happy. Enjoy.

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