‘Weight’- Mikal Cronin

‘Weight’ by Mikal Cronin is a rock & roll song… and holy crap is it spectacular. Over mostly crunching guitars (sure, it starts with a piano and there are some soft strums in there, but it’s the loud stuff that’s the star here) and a classic (that’s the best I got- listen, you’ll know what I mean) drum beat, Cronin waxes honestly and sincerely about just how damn difficult and daunting it is figuring out who you are when the ‘real world’ comes a-callin’. This is easily one of my favorite tracks of this young-ish year.

Mikal Cronin will be releasing MCII on May 7th, which you can preorder right here. Enjoy.

(via We Listen For You, which is a site you should be visiting every day.)

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