‘Artists As Fans’- Jeff Piper (of Fort Frances)

Song: ‘Last Goodbye’ by Jeff Buckley

I’ve always found Jeff Buckley’s ‘Last Goodbye’ to be an example of a perfect song. For years it has been my #1 go-to track when test driving some new headphones or cranking an unfamiliar set of speakers. It engages top to bottom, and there is constantly something new for the ears to latch onto. Repetition and rock n’ roll go hand-in-hand, but virtually nothing repeats without the introduction of a new line or embellishment. The structure is unpredictable – even if you’ve heard it a hundred times before.

From a production/recording standpoint, it’s flawless. As it should be, Andy Wallace is studio royalty. While the mix may be sonically impeccable, at no point does it ever feel too slick or over-produced. It’s raw and full of life and musicality. The tones are big and aggressive, yet the dynamics and depth are never lost. Every part and every instrument has it’s own space and purpose.

I’ve always found the ambiguity of the song to be very special. Is it heartbreaking or is it uplifting? Some moments feel apologetic and regretful, or are his wails really casting blame and anger? It’s open ended. It’s a mystery. Perfectly appropriate for a man who left this world is such a mysterious way.

– Jeff Piper

Jeff Piper plays bass and keys in the Chicago-based rock band Fort Frances. Yesterday saw the official release of Harbourthe band’s wonderful new EP that Piper both engineered and mixed. Fort Frances will be playing a release show for the new EP at Schubas next Sunday (May 5th), with favorites around here The Great American Canyon Band providing support- get your ticket here. I said it last year when frontman David McMillin did a post for this series, and I’ll say it again (cause it’s true)- the future is bright for Fort Frances.

‘Artists as Fans’ is an ongoing series that features artists writing about songs that they personally love and connect with. You can find previous entries in the series here

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