my days are heavy – a mix

The below mix isn’t full of a ton of new songs (I mean, they are on there, sure, but so are a bunch of older ones, too) but it’s a pretty good snapshot of what I’m listening to now and what I think this particular period of time- the moment right before spring has sprung- sounds like. Originally this mix was much, much sadder (I had been affectionately referring to it as the ‘sad bastard spring mix’ to friends), but I made some changes in the last week because a) it’s been sunny and b) I need to lay off the sad musics for a little while. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy it.

(listen via the embedded player above or click here to listen on 8tracks)

1. Dance Hall Places- Mint Royale feat. Damien Jurado
2. Old Skin- Olafur Arnalds feat. Arnór Dan
3. The Last Time I Saw Conrad Plymouth- Field Report
4. Patterns- Tim Noyes
5. Demons (Daytrotter session)- AgesandAges
6. Payne’s Bay- Beirut
7. For Words- Keston Cobblers’ Club
8. Rotary- Sam Moss
9. Snake Eyes- The Milk Carton Kids
10. Peaceful Mind- Ryan Tanner
11. Boys- Bryan John Appleby
12. Motel- Hayden
13. Oh, Hiding Out- Small Houses
14. Moss On A Rolling Stone- Noah Gundersen
15. Jumper Cables- Widower
16. Springtime (Daytrotter session)- Annuals
17. Before I Die- You Me And Apollo
18. Nowhere To Go- Ron Sexsmith
19. My Days Are Heavy (Ballard Sessions)- Jon Russell
20. Ithica- Tyler Lyle

Like something you hear on the mix? Please support the artist and go buy a little something something from them (or go see a show) (or do both). There’s a link to each artist’s site for you- you’d do well to check each of them out further.

The photo for the cover of this mix is from my buddy Jason Neuerburg, who is great at taking photos (obviously) and snapped this one of me and my friends Andrew and Megan discussing music and such late one night during Doe Bay Fest last year. It’s a favorite of mine. I was the one on the left. I talk in an expressive way after drinking whiskey.

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One Response to my days are heavy – a mix

  1. B says:

    Sheesh. Now MY days feel heavy. It was even sadder?! Come on.

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