‘Artists As Fans’- Pieter Hilton and Alex Fitch (of Typhoon)


Song: ‘Oakland’ by Genders

This one is real close to the heart. When I was 15 I was begged by my friend Kristi to record her friends Maggie & Sabrina. I remember the first moment I heard Maggie’s voice, and I couldn’t believe their sheepishness to play music for others and I encouraged them to go out and play (I joined them on drums). Many cities and migrations later, I lost the ability (due to other commitments) to play and collaborate with Maggie, but god damn has she blossomed into her own in the most awesome way. Her co-horts (Steve Leisy, Matt Hall, & Katherine Paul) all blend both personally and musically into a superpower of an entity, with the musical ability to flex from 50/60’s pop influences, to post-rock instrumentals, to heavier (dare I say feminist?!?) NW sounds. This track certainly exemplifies the later, with heavy breaths and a literal freak out climax. I’m not very good at describing what I enjoy about certain music but this track is certainly my favorite of theirs recorded thus far. I’m excited beyond belief for Genders, and can’t wait for them to finish their full length album later this year.

– Pieter Hilton




Song: ‘Instrumental Died in the Bathtub and Took the Daydreams With It’ by K.C. Accidental

Ever since I heard Broken Social Scene, I became a big fan of all the projects Charles Spearin has been involved with, particularly Do Make Say Think and K.C. Accidental. K.C. Accidental was the pre-Broken Social Scene project in its incarnation and had B.S.S singer Kevin Drew and Charles Spearin, two extraordinary musicians. This song, in particular, has a certain vibe and aesthetic that I find to be great accompanying music for any time of the year for me. It is my go-to, “feel good” song. It can be ambient white noise at night, intent listening at home or accompaniment and soundtrack during walks or other times of contemplation. Even if you are a person who connects most with lyrics and vocal melody I think the feelings this song creates are pretty generally relaxing. The opening guitar line within the song never gets old to me. I am also a sucker for strings, and “sizzle” rides in music…. two things with which this particular song is filled with. Oh yeah, and they are Canadian, if that has any particular interest or importance to you. This has been my jam, and maybe it will be your jelly.

– Alex Fitch

Pieter Hilton and Alex Fitch are two of the many members of Typhoon, a Portland-based band that makes some of most emotionally stunning music being produced today. The group is currently putting the finishing touches on their next record, White Lighter, with a late summer release date expected- you can download the tremendous lead single, ‘Common Sentiments,’ for free right here. Get on the bandwagon now, kids- it’s going to be very full come summer’s end. 

‘Artists as Fans’ is an ongoing series that features artists writing about songs that they personally love and connect with. You can find previous entries in the series here

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1 Response to ‘Artists As Fans’- Pieter Hilton and Alex Fitch (of Typhoon)

  1. Marisa says:

    I absolutely LOVE Typhoon

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