‘Artists As Fans’- Jay William Henderson

: ‘Suzanne’ by Leonard Cohen

I suppose the song I am choosing is among many peoples favorites. I don’t think its possible to hear it and not be moved or compelled to slow for a moment and listen deeply to what is being portrayed. The song is ‘Suzanne’ by Leonard Cohen. The imagery is beautiful. You can’t help but be transported. Almost as if you could actually be seeing through his eyes. Possessed by the words that Cohen weaves. It is one of my favorite love songs of all time. Some might not see it as a love song. But to me there is a beautiful longing there. A love only visited for a short moment. The imagery is soaking. It drips in fog held mystery. The guitar moves with the imagery in waves. Almost lulling you to sleep and into a false sense of security until you find yourself sea sick. Love sick and longing yourself for the beauty and embrace described by Cohen. Desperately seeking your own chance encounter with a Siren of the sea, whether it be an intellectual or sexual love affair.

– Jay William Henderson

Jay William Henderson is a fantastic singer-songwriter based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. His most recent released, The Sun Will Burn Our Eyes, was one of the finest albums of 2012 and is currently (and generously) free on Bandcamp for a short amount of time. You need the songs of Jay William Henderson in your life. 

‘Artists as Fans’ is an ongoing series that features artists writing about songs that they personally love and connect with. You can find previous entries in the series here

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One Response to ‘Artists As Fans’- Jay William Henderson

  1. wordsurfer says:

    Beautiful description!

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