‘Halls of Columbia’ / ‘Brother Roland’- Pickwick

I haven’t really slept the last two nights so I currently lack the ability to form paragraphs with proper words and transitions, but I wanted to talk about the debut album from Pickwick, Can’t Talk Medicine, that came out today. So, kids, we are going to go with bullet points instead. Here is, generally, what I want to say about this tremendous album:

  • The band has managed to capture ‘it’ on this record. ‘It,’ in this case, refers to the energy and killer instinct they play with live. It’s all on here, kids. 
  • We don’t think/talk enough about pacing on albums, about flow and how that impacts the listening experience, but it’s so, so important, and Pickwick very obviously understands this. These songs flow together, both by smart sequencing (How do you followup the overwhelming nature of ‘Brother Roland’? With the utterly beautiful ‘Letterbox,’ that’s how.) and through found sounds that allow an easy change from one song (and sound) to the next.
  • I’m not able to add much to the discussion on this subject, but it should be noted that I, too, think Galen Disston’s voice is ridiculous.

There’s more I could say, obviously, but that about covers the main points I wanted to make. Grab a copy of Can’t Talk Medicine as soon as you can and then be sure to go see the band when they roll through your town on tour. Below are two of my favorite tracks from the record, ‘Halls of Columbia’ and ‘Brother Roland.’ Enjoy.

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3 Responses to ‘Halls of Columbia’ / ‘Brother Roland’- Pickwick

  1. Matt says:

    Thanks for pointing these guys out over the last year…this is one i was looking forward to in 2013. Any idea what happened to this one that was being played at misc. shows? Thanks for sharing all the great tunes. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=sFeLZ99_hRI&feature=relmfu

    • Adam says:

      Hey Matt-
      Guessing it’ll be on the next album they are apparently already working on. This one’s been a year and a half in the making, so thinking that one might have started to be fully formed after they already had this one well under way. I agree though, it’s one of the ones I’ve been blown away by the two times I’ve seen them (and it’s been fun to watch it evolve).

      • Matt says:

        Thanks Adam…appreciate it. This unnamed song has been in regular rotation for the last 6 months. The release today probably convinces me the trip to Schubas from Madison will be well worth it. Thanks again for sharing great tunes.

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