‘Losing My Cool’ (Fuel/Friends Chapel Session)- Mike Clark & The Sugar Sounds

On one of the first days of 2013 I gathered with a few dozen folks for a house show that Mike Clark opened (sans The Sugar Sounds). I had heard only one song by Mike, but I was intrigued- there was just something about that voice of his that made me want to hear more. Mike strolled up to the front unassumingly, full of smiles and greeting those he knew, got in position, adjusted his guitar…and then he proceeded to to fill the room with powerful, soulful blues that left us all stunned and exchanging knowing glances. That voice… it’s a special one, kids (as you can hear/see for yourself in the below video for ‘Losing My Cool’ from Mike’s recent Fuel/Friend Chapel Session).

Mike Clark & The Sugar Sounds released Round And Round earlier this year- it’s a tremendous debut and an album you absolutely need in your collection, especially for the summer months. Be sure to head over to Fuel/Friends to grab the entire session, including ‘Losing My Cool,’ for free. Enjoy.

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One Response to ‘Losing My Cool’ (Fuel/Friends Chapel Session)- Mike Clark & The Sugar Sounds

  1. Sandy Messick says:

    Mike Clark is an incredible talent. I am pleased to see his talent showcased with several groups.

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