‘Silent Avenue’- The Cellar Door

Sometimes I get stuck on songs for months on end. For example, for the last five months or so I’ve been stuck on ‘Silent Avenue’ by The Cellar Door. It sounded great as the leaves changed colors and disappeared in late fall, continued to sound at home as the snow and cold took hold, and still sounds fantastic as this never-ending winter begins to expire.

The Cellar Door are currently working on their next release. You can grab their debut EP, Spring, over on Bandcamp while you wait. Enjoy.

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3 Responses to ‘Silent Avenue’- The Cellar Door

  1. thelastsymphonyoftheoliveleaf says:

    I just got home from listening to them live, today in fact. Where did you find this song? I have been searching the interwebs to find it but I have come up empty.

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