‘In The City’- Caveman

Loud synths. Loud drums. Washed out vocals. This is not usually a recipe for something I would like…but I kinda love the hell out of ‘In The City’ by Caveman. It happens sometimes, especially, as in this case, when the song is damn catchy and damn good. Enjoy.



Bonus: I also love ‘Baby Missiles’ by The War on Drugs, which the Caveman song immediately reminded me of (in a good way). Never a bad day to listen to this gem again.

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3 Responses to ‘In The City’- Caveman

  1. mandy reynolds says:

    Hey Adam,
    I can’t find info on this track anywhere, is there a new album coming out?

    Also, have you listened to Coco Beware? So many amazing tracks!


    • Adam says:

      Hey Mandy-
      They have a new self titled album coming out on April 2nd. I need to get familiar with that debut- somehow missed if the first time around.

  2. Tremags says:

    Coco Beware is a really solid album, like these guys a lot.

    Kind of random but I’ve seen them perform once, and it was opening for The War On Drugs in Brooklyn back in 2011.

    Just found your blog today, nice work, will be following.

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