‘Before The Evening Falls’- The Tin Drums

Guys and gals: we need to talk about Before The Evening Falls, the new record from The Tin Drums. We need to talk about the comfort it contains: in the richly worn voice of Jason Diaz, in the harmonies he produces with bandmate Anna Carson, and in the words that make up the tails of devotion, love, loss and life that pepper the album. As we battle through the last stretch of a long winter, this is a record we can lean on.

Take a listen to the title track from Before The Evening Falls below (it’s my favorite on the album), and then head over to Bandcamp to grab the whole thing for yourself. Enjoy.


(HUGE thanks to Sam over at Folk Hive for introducing me to The Tin Drums. Sam is awesome. Go visit her site.)

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3 Responses to ‘Before The Evening Falls’- The Tin Drums

  1. Kyle says:

    Sam gets another one of us. She’s good. But really, it’s the Tin Drums who are good.

  2. Kevin says:

    Adam, I can NOT stop listening to this Album!!! It’s outstanding!!! Thank you (and a couple others) for introducing them to me (us)!!!

  3. meera says:

    Also can’t stop listening to this song. It just plays and plays in my head.

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