‘Forget The Song’- Beachwood Sparks

A little over two weeks ago I went out to Colorado to visit with some good people, get away from life as I knew it and to bring in a brand new year. It was a good trip, I guessThere were late nights spent listening to choice cuts being spun on the turntable, stargazing, inappropriate board games, laughing until we hurt and one ridiculous evening involving a seemingly endless dance party. There was stunning music in a basement room, in a tunnel on the side of a mountain, in a chapel and in a house. There were hugs, smoked meats, new inside jokes, shared frozen pizzas in a bar and more geeking out about music than should ever be allowed. And most of all there was proof that even tough years can end on the highest of notes.

Beachwood Sparks‘ ‘Forget The Song’ was one of those songs played late one night after some combination of beer, moonshine and whiskey. Despite the fuzzy state I first heard it in, it’s stuck with me and each time I’ve listened to it since it’s brought be back to that place I enjoyed so much. Enjoy.

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