‘Ramona’- Night Beds

It’s always a wonderful feeling when you are extremely excited about an album and it exceeds all expectations once you finally get a chance to hear hear it in full. The debut full-length from Night Beds, Country Sleep, is the first such record of 2013 to fit that bill. Stunningly personal, vulnerable and brave, Winston Yellen has created a haunting, beautiful piece of work from beginning to end, one that packs quite the painful punch under the surface of the gorgeous arrangements throughout (perfectly exemplified by ‘Ramona,’ the second single from the record).

Country Sleep will officially be out on February 5th, but you can pre-order the record right now (here) and receive an immediate download of the album while you wait for the physical product to arrive. You should do that. Right now. Go. Do that. Seriously. Go. Enjoy.


Bonus: There’s no proper way to explain the ridiculousness of the below video, but here goes anyways: in Colorado my friends and I got the chance to hang out with Winston for a few days. We did fun things like grab drinks and dinner and listen to him play a few songs for an upcoming Fuel/Friends Chapel Session. OHHHHHH, and as the video below shows, we got him to sing a song in a tunnel. I think Heather’s laugh at the end is the perfect summation of how we all felt (and how I think you’ll probably feel, too). That voice…mannnnn. Enjoy.

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One Response to ‘Ramona’- Night Beds

  1. Good call. Just took advantage of the pre-order and I’m stoked for this album. Welcome back, man. Sounds like the trip was great, I’m jealous.

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