My Favorite Songs of 2012

Below you’ll find 100 of my favorite songs released in 2012. I don’t know that the order is correct or anything, but I do know that I love every single one of these songs. I didn’t abide by the whole ‘one song per artist’ ‘rule’ because a) it’s silly and b) sometimes an artist writes two (or in Damien Jurado’s case, three) of your favorite songs in a year and, frankly, there’s no sense in pretending they didn’t. The tunes are broken out in four separate playlists for you to listen to this time around because I didn’t want to deal with the page-loading nightmare that resulted from a Soundcloud/Bandcamp/YouTube embed for each track (and neither did you, believe me)- there are links to each artists site so you can go there and hear more songs from them and buy their stuff. These are the tunes that soundtracked my year- I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

(listen via the embedded player or click here to listen on 8tracks)

100. ‘So On, Nevada’- Damien Jurado
99. ‘Winter Solstice’- Cold Specks
98. ‘Bear’- Towers
97. ‘Hurricane’- David C Clements
96. ‘South’- Racing Glaciers
95. ‘Lakehouse’- Of Monsters and Men
94. ‘Danse Carribe’- Andrew Bird
93. ‘I Wish I Knew’- Years & Years
92. ‘Once Around The House’- High Highs
91. ‘Gone’- Vacationer
90. ‘Young Lady’- The Great American Canyon Band
89. ‘Los Angeles’- Northern Youth
88. ‘Old Friend’- Sea Wolf
87. ‘Ground’- The Cellar Door
86. ‘Chapel Hill’- Goodnight, Texas
85. ‘Sweet Life’- Frank Ocean
84. ‘Unless You Speak From Your Heart’- Porcelain Raft
83. ‘Suddenly’- Swear and Shake
82. ‘Deer Creek Canyon’- Sera Cahoone
81. ‘Breaker’- Dalton
80. ‘B-Side Baby’- Plume Giant
79. ‘California Daze’- Peace
78. ‘Call and Answer’- Jordan Klassen
77. ‘Fineshrine’- Purity Ring
76. ‘Asleep In The Pews’- Evening Hymns

(listen via the embedded player or click here to listen on 8tracks)

75. ‘Don’t Let Me Get Lonely’- The Record Company
74. ‘Ivory Coast’- Pure Bathing Culture
73. ‘Lonesome’- Dr. Dog
72. ‘Bone’- Michael Kiwanuka
71. ‘Rose Bay’- The River and The Road
70. ‘Smokestacks’- Balto
69. ‘Take Me Home’- Perfume Genius
68. ‘Into Giants’- Patrick Watson
67. ‘The First Time I Ran Away’- M.Ward
66. ‘Crooked Branches’- JBM
65. ‘Only Skin’- The Spring Standards
64. ‘Shadow Puppets’- Book On Tape Worm
63. ‘All Of Your Demons’- Jay William Henderson
62. ‘The Line’- The Eastern Sea
61. ‘Boy Of Nine’- Buxton
60. ‘Catamaran’- Allah-Las
59. ‘All About To Change’- Patrick James
58. ‘Angry Eyes’- Kopecky Family Band
57. ‘Headlights’- Night Moves
56. ‘What Could You Do?’- Dolorean
55. ‘Out Of Air’- Broken Twin
54. ‘Farewell (In 3 Parts)’- Husky
53. ‘Heaven’- The Walkmen
52. ‘Hallways’- Islands
51. ‘Summer For Capricorns’- Horse Feathers

(listen via the embedded player or click here to listen on 8tracks)

50. ‘We Want To Be Pleasantly Surprised Not Expectedly Let Down’- Dan Mangan
49. ‘One Tone Man’- Tony Castles
48. ‘Thrift Shop’- Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
47. ‘Ours’- Joe Pug
46. ‘Houston Train’- Houndmouth
45. ‘Get Goin’, Boy!’- J
44. ‘(If) You Want Trouble’- Nick Waterhouse
43. ‘Child’s Hand In Dirt’- Hip Hatchet
42. ‘Forever’- Haim
41. ‘Hey Love’- Miner
40. ‘South Carolina’- Black Girls
39. ‘She’- Laura Mvula
38. ‘Warm Bruise’- Isaac Pierce
37. ‘Summer Light’- Prairie Empire
36. ‘Even If We Try’- Night Beds
35. ‘Tire Swing’- Jeannot
34. ‘Son Of A Gun’- Brendan Losch
33. ‘Marathon Runner’- Yellow Ostrich
32. ‘Eighth Avenue’- Hospitality
31. ‘Oh I See’- Adam Arcuragi
30. ‘Welfare’- Tom Eddy
29. ‘Blank Maps’- Cold Specks
28. ‘How Do I Know’- Here We Go Magic
27. ‘Museum of Flight’- Damien Jurado
26. ‘Kelly Mitchell’- Aunt Martha

(listen via the embedded player or click here to listen on 8tracks)

25. ‘Open’- Rhye
24. ‘Oh Catherine, my Catherine’- Widower
23. ‘The Truth Is A Cave’- The Oh Hellos
22. ‘Columns’- Portage
21. ‘Green Rocky Road’- Spirit Family Reunion
20. ‘I Will Let You Down’- The Local Strangers
19. ‘Smother’- Daughter
18. ‘Fire’s Highway’- Japandroids
17. ‘Weekends’- Tiger Waves
16. ‘The Park’- These United States
15. ‘Full Moon Rising’- Neil Halstead
14. ‘The Ghost On The Shore’- Lord Huron
13. ‘Forty Five’- Bootstraps
12. ‘Wishing You The Best’- Campfire OK
11. ‘Rise To The Sun’- Alabama Shakes
10. ‘Take Me Out’- The Wooden Sky
9. ‘Fergus Falls’- Field Report
8. ‘Letters’- Lemolo
7. ‘We Are Fine’- Sharon Van Etten
6. ‘Ocean, Open Wide’- Hoots & Hellmouth
5. ‘Emmylou’- First Aid Kit
4. ‘Stubborn Love’- The Lumineers
3. ‘Home Again’- Michael Kiwanuka
2. ‘Lost In The Light’- Bahamas
1. ‘Working Titles’- Damien Jurado

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3 Responses to My Favorite Songs of 2012

  1. John Thornton says:

    Spotify playlist?

  2. Tom says:

    great list, agree with many of them!

  3. wow…. I think only now after seeing the entire 2012 list am I surprised how great this year has been for music…. and how much of it I discovered here. Great list, thank you, and keep up the good work!

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