My Favorite Albums of 2012

Below are my 10 favorite albums released in 2012. I didn’t listen to all the albums released (or even close to it), but these were the ones I got my hands on, listened to a bunch and loved the most. If you haven’t given any of the below records/artists a listen (or the time of day in general), I’d urge you to do so at your earliest convenience- there was some special stuff released this year. As always, enjoy.

10. Stray AshesJBM
(listen / buy)

9. I Predict A Graceful ExpulsionCold Specks
(listen / buy)

8. Time’s All GoneNick Waterhouse
(listen / buy)

7. SaltHoots & Hellmouth

(listen / buy)

6. Field ReportField Report
(listen / buy)

5. The KaleidoscopeLemolo 

(listen / buy)

4. Celebration RockJapandroids

(listen / buy)

3. Lonesome DreamsLord Huron
(listen / buy)

2. The LumineersThe Lumineers 417xJvB+fLL._SL500_AA280_

1. BarchordsBahamas

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3 Responses to My Favorite Albums of 2012

  1. Mary says:

    Cool. Several new ones that I will have to go check out.

  2. Debra says:

    Some of my favorites are on here, too! Well chosen!

  3. Kim says:

    Holy cow. How do you find time to discover all this music? I’ve listened to just two of those releases. I gotta get focused!

    Thanks so much for this blog. I may not visit every day or every week, but it’s one of my go-to resources when trying to keep up with music. I love your no-snark posts. There’s enough snark in the world (and I know, because I contribute to it).

    Have a great holiday season!

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