‘Green Rocky Road’- Spirit Family Reunion

I went to what will likely be my last show of the year last night. Or, more accurately, I went to the venue to see my last show of the year and instead what broke out once Spirit Family Reunion took the stage was a full-on stomping, clapping, hollerin’ revival that had the ground shaking and the smiles plentiful. It was one of the most energetic shows I saw this year and was pretty much exactly what I needed to be a part of after what personally seemed like one of the longest work weeks of 2012. The band closed out their main set with this perfectly raucous interpretation of ‘Green Rocky Road.’ Prepare to stomp and clap along from your living room/office/wherever. Enjoy.


Bonus: And then the band proceeded to end their encore with ‘I’ll Find A Way,’ which included the entire sold-out crowd singing the refrain at the top of their lungs. It was okay, I guess. Mannnnn.

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2 Responses to ‘Green Rocky Road’- Spirit Family Reunion

  1. davidkolen says:

    Hah. Just posted about this show too. I love the video you found of “I’ll Find a Way”.

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