winter2012 – a mix

Full disclosure: I don’t like winter. I don’t like short days, bitterly cold temperatures or driving through/shoveling snow. But even this non-fan can see the good things in the season, like holidays with friends and family, snowball fights, hot chocolate, warm comforters and sledding. This is a mix to soundtrack those good parts (and the bad parts, too). Enjoy.

(listen via the embedded player above or click here to listen on 8tracks)

1. Shadow Puppets- Book On Tape Worm
2. Forty Five- Bootstraps
3. Wild Country- Wake Owl
4. The Year of the Get You Alone- Field Report
5. Silent Avenue- The Cellar Door
6. Snow Plow- Bahamas
7. Youth- Daughter
8. Even If We Try- Night Beds
9. Fragile Meadow- The Black Atlantic
10. Winter Is For Kierkegaard (Daytrotter Session)- Tyler Lyle
11. Oh Catherine, my Catherine- Widower
12. I Will Let You Down- The Local Strangers
13. Far Gone- Portage
14. Why Would You Not Want To Go There?- Hoots & Hellmouth
15. Looking Back (Fuel/Friends Chapel Session)- Hey Marseilles
16. Second Chances (Folk Radio UK Session)- Gregory Alan Isakov
17. The First Song- Noah Gundersen
18. Brightly Above- Prairie Empire
19. When The Night Falls- Norman
20. Farewell (In 3 Parts)- Husky

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3 Responses to winter2012 – a mix

  1. Sworth says:

    This is perfect. Great mix!! Really nice work man. Bootstraps and Night Beds made my list too.

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  3. This mix is insanely good. Perfect for winter. Thanks!

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