‘Off to Sea’- Hoots & Hellmouth

There’s a lot to love in ‘Off to Sea’ by Hoots & Hellmouth, from the way Sean Hoots’ rich, warm voice booms and comforts to all the space, clanks and echos in the recording itself. I think, though, what I love most are those few times during the song when Hoots has stepped away from the microphone while singing, his voice echoing with a little bit of resignation and pain… man.

Hoots & Hellmouth recently posted ‘Off to Sea’ and ‘Repeat Myself’ on Bandcamp and are letting you grab them for whatever you see fit, which is pretty, pretty nice. Oh, and they released one of the finest albums of the year, Salt, in April. Been quite the year for these guys. Enjoy.

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One Response to ‘Off to Sea’- Hoots & Hellmouth

  1. Helen says:

    Bought the album directly off the back of this. Can’t understand how I missed it before. Thanks for rectifying.

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