‘Winter Is For Kierkegaard’- Tyler Lyle

It’s not, obviously, but I’ve always thought of Thanksgiving as the start of winter. Perhaps it’s because I want to forget Autumn due to the pain I inflict on myself with the amount of food I consume (it is worth it, promise), but more than likely it’s due to the overnight change in decoration around town from pilgrims and pumpkins to snowmen and candy canes. All of that rambling is to say that I’m going to take a few days off from this here blog while I go back home for the weekend and unplug, decompress, eat too much and laugh with my family. I’ll be back with more tunes Monday- you know, when it’s unofficially winter.

I’ll leave you with a song that’s sure to be a major part of my personal soundtrack for the upcoming season: ‘Winter Is For Kierkegaard’ by Tyler Lyle. Enjoy (and have a wonderful Thanksgiving).

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One Response to ‘Winter Is For Kierkegaard’- Tyler Lyle

  1. Amy K. says:

    I’m kinda inlove with this guy. true story.

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