‘August and Everything After’- Counting Crows

Counting CrowsAugust and Everything After was the first album I ever loved- I remember being 10 and playing the cassette over and over as I did homework and other 10 year-old kid things. I bring all this up because until I saw this tweet last week I had no idea there was an actual, albeit unreleased, title track for this album I loved so much growing up. Sorry, not just a title track, a long, winding, beautiful title track. I feel 10 years-old all over again. Enjoy.


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8 Responses to ‘August and Everything After’- Counting Crows

  1. Kevin says:

    One of thee greatest songs, ever. The LIVE version from SF I believe is pretty damn good too.

  2. Kevin says:

    Good call Adam. I thought the same thing after i hit “send”. Your initial post (version) is excellent. Funny you were ONLY TEN Yrs old!?!?!?!? Man, I’m OLD… BUT, STILL Rockin’!!!

  3. Aaron says:

    Kevin, I thought the exact same things (1. awesome song 2. I wonder if Adam knows about the other version where the crowd goes apeshit 3. Wow, I’m old.). On a related note, I think Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings is a suprisingly underrated album.

    • Kevin says:

      hahaha and your right about Sat Nights/Sunday Mornings; VERY Underrated. I really enjoyed the latest album of “covers”. Some tremendous versions on that album.

  4. Glad I could actually introduce you to some music for once. You’ve certainly introduced a lot to me. I love that song and album. Adam Duritz is a talented, mopey bastard! I respect anyone with dreadlocks.

  5. I just saw them in LA and they were amazing. This is a great find. Who doesn’t love a little melancholy in music? And Adam Duritz does it better than anyone.

    Also, I second the original commenter- TEN years old??? Good grief. I feel old, but I’m also impressed with your taste in music at that age.

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