‘Cigarettes’- Noah Gundersen

Noah Gundersen closed out the main part of his spellbinding set last night with ‘Cigarettes.’ I’ve been very fortunate to witness a lot of incredible musical moments this year, but watching this song being performed in a dead silent room from about 10 feet away might be the best. Stunning doesn’t even begin to describe it- take a look/listen and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Noah just finished recording his next album (he told us last night it’s currently being mixed), and based on the few new songs we heard it’s going to be incredible. While you wait for that record you should really head on over to Bandcamp and familiarize yourself with the tremendous work he’s already done. Enjoy.


Bonus: ‘Jesus, Jesus’ also completely blew me away last night. It’s one you need to hear if you haven’t before.

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One Response to ‘Cigarettes’- Noah Gundersen

  1. Sharon Bertling says:

    oh yeah! hard to narrow down Noah’s songs, but this is definitely my personal favorite.
    I was just recently introduced to your blog and I’m thoroughly diggin’ it.

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