‘In Memoriam’/’Eat You Alive’- The Oh Hello’s

If you hang around the same parts of the internet that I do then you already know that The Oh Hello’s released their first full-length album, Through the Deep, Dark Valley, today. And, subsequently, you know it’s tremendous. If you don’t then scurry over to their Bandcamp page to grab the whole album- it’s full of beautiful songs that stomp, clap, whistle and harmonize at all the times and in all the right ways.

You’ll notice neither of the songs I’m recommending today, ‘In Memoriam’ and ‘Eat You Alive,’ are actually here for you to listen to. As The Oh Hello’s explain, Through the Deep, Dark Valley is a concept record and should be listened to as an entire piece all the way straight through in order, which makes sense (and which means I can’t embed them). So when you head over to Bandcamp to grab a download of the whole album (and you should do so ASAP) make sure to give them a listen as the record downloads. Enjoy.

Edit: Appears Bandcamp simply changed where the link to embed stuff was and I didn’t notice…so here are the tracks for you to listen to (but seriously, go get the album).

As a sort of bonus (and because you deserve to hear something on this here page), here’s ‘Hello My Old Heart,’ which is an absolute gem of a song.

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