‘So On, Nevada’- Damien Jurado

You know those songs that follow you around for months on end, the ones that show up on playlist after playlist you never skip because it’s always a song you want to hear? Damien Jurado’s ‘So On, Nevada’ has been one of those for me since February. I don’t mind.

Damien Jurado released one of the finest albums of the year, Maraqopa, in Feburary. If you’ve yet to hear it or buy it, you must- it is something you will love. Enjoy.


Bonus: ‘Working Titles,’ also from Maraqopa, is my favorite song released so far this year. Just thought I’d mention that for about the 15th time around here. It is a perfect song. Here, listen- I think you’ll agree (or at least think it’s exceptional and one of the best songs you’ve heard this year):

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