‘Dying Now’- Noah Gundersen

Normally on Friday I try to spruce things up around here, make it look a little less sad bastard-ish. Not today. ‘Dying Now’ by Noah Gundersen is a sad song about realizing you’re living an empty life (oh, and dying, too). It’s not happy, but damn is it stunning and beautiful and all those other words I use all the time because I refuse to expand my vocabulary.

‘Dying Now’ was recorded as part of the Protosong project, a charity event that will let you donate what you’d like for a playlist of 21 exclusive songs, with 70% of the amount given going to help get clean water to those who need it most (and the rest going to compensate the artists). It is, obviously, an excellent cause you should be involved with, to say nothing of the incredible music you will get in return for your donation. The event runs from October 3rd thru October 17th. I’ll remind you about it so you don’t miss out, don’t worry. Enjoy.


Bonus: Here’s another video from this year’s project featuring the lovely ladies of Lemolo playing a stripped down version of their song ‘Knives.’

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