autumn2012 : collaborative playlist

Time for one of my favorite things each season: a playlist everyone can help build to soundtrack the season ahead. This is always fun and a great way to discover a ton of new music, so, head on over to the Spotify playlist (right here), take a look/listen to what’s been added thus far and then make sure to add anything you feel fits the spirit of autumn. Don’t be shy- we’re all friends here and there’s no song that’s ‘wrong’ to add. As always, I know not everyone can use Spotify so if that’s the case for you just let me know what you’d like to add in the comments and I’ll make sure it gets done. Enjoy!

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One Response to autumn2012 : collaborative playlist

  1. David Williams – Echo
    This song seems to fit every season for me. The Band of Annuals cover is amazing as well.
    The National – Apartment Story
    Just one of those songs that is good company for the Autumn.
    Dave Brubeck – Audrey
    One of my favorite jazz tracks, something calming and beautiful about it. Inspired by Audrey Hepburn, naturally.

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