‘Fortyfive’- Bootstraps

I’ve had this urge the last week or so to pack everything up, run away and start over (as an Iron Chef, most likely). Listening to the tale of wanderlust and soul searching in ‘Fortyfive’ by Bootstraps over and over today did nothing to quell that urge. If only it were that easy.

Bootstraps released their self-titled debut album today. It’s a delightful piece of work. Enjoy.

(Thanks, Casey!)


Edit: Yeah, so the official video for the song doesn’t help the wanting to run away thing. At all.

(Thanks, Melissa!)

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One Response to ‘Fortyfive’- Bootstraps

  1. wordsurfer says:

    First listen, I was thinking: ‘Yeah, it’s alright. Not particularly wanderlust-y.’ Then I played it again. Then again. And I can’t stop. And I’m daydreaming about a wild roadtrip without an end. Sometimes you’re just evil, you know that, right?

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