‘California Daze’- Peace

‘California Daze’ by Peace is here to make us forget, for three minutes and fifty six seconds at least, about how excited we are about autumn and instead help us to realize that we’ll miss summer and all that came with it, no matter how brutal it was. That summer fling? You got another 8 or so months til that happens again, friend. Staying at outside or at the beach all day? I mean, you can do that in the next 8 or so months, but it’s going to be cold and terrible (and that ‘all day’ thing is going to be a couple hours shorter than it once was). Road trip? Sure, take one, but have fun doing so with your windows up (oh, and have a blast bundling up once you get there). So see, summer wasn’t all bad. Also, this song is tremendous.

Peace just released an EP named Delicious a few days ago, and you can grab a free download of ‘California Daze’ for the price of your email by going here (you’ll want to do that). Enjoy.

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