‘Wishing You The Best’- Campfire OK

I listened to the brooding, agitated beauty of ‘Wishing You The Best’ by Campfire OK on repeat for a few hours today, trying each time to come up with some explanation for why I liked it other than ‘THIS IS GOOD.’ It seems that’s about all my brain can come up with, and I think that about sums it up nicely. I mean, sure, there are handclaps and harmonies and banjos and an edge to the whole thing that just make it an addictive listen, but at it’s very core this is a superb song played in a superb way and it is, frankly, very damn good. No need to complicate things, especially not on a Monday.

Campfire OK will be releasing a song a month (‘Wishing You The Best’ is the first, and you can pay what you’d like on Bandcamp for it) from their forthcoming sophomore album, When You Have Arrived. While you wait for the songs to trickle out you should most assuredly check out their stupendous debut album, Strange Like We Are, a record I think you’ll absolutely love. Enjoy.

Bonus: Same song, but unplugged and in a cafe. Still, obviously, exceptional.

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