‘Midnight Special’- Lead Belly

In college I was lucky enough to take a class that focused on popular music and its impact on American culture, an obviously awesome (and obviously frivolous) class that introduced me to a lot of important, older music that I, being a young whippersnapper, had missed out on. The newest mix from the fellas at Wake The Deaf, titled Lost and Found Volume 1, contains a ton of the songs we covered during that course, including my favorite ‘discovery’ of the semester, ‘Midnight Special’ by Lead Belly. Listening through it today I was immediately transported straight back to the dimly lit lecture hall where I ‘earned’ those three ridiculous credit hours. Damn do I miss those days. Enjoy.

Bonus: ‘Caldonia’ by Louis Jordan was another song I was my second favorite ‘discovery’ during that semester. I love it dearly.

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