‘Warm Bruise’- Isaac Pierce

Picture the following: It’s the midnight hour and you’re sitting with friends, laughing, drinking whiskey and listening to them play songs in the blackness as a meteor shower takes place in the sky above. Suddenly an unassuming looking man named Isaac takes the guitar by request, fumbles for a few seconds while he gets his bearings and then proceed to fill up the space around you with a breathtaking rendition of ‘Warm Bruise’ (with harmonies provided by your friend to your left, the one who made the original request that this song be played). As the  last notes fade into the night you all sit for a few seconds in a stunned silence before clapping and giving each other ‘Um…holy shit!’ looks.

That’s the scene I’ll forever have running through my brain when I hear ‘Warm Bruise’ by Isaac Pierce. It’s a song I already loved before that scene unfolded at Doe Bay, and that memory that only deepens my love and appreciation for the tune. It was one of the most ridiculous things that happened during a weekend full of ridiculousness.

Isaac Pierce released a stunning 6 song EP earlier this year, a recording that you should certainly add to your collection. Enjoy.

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