Out Of The Office (and a mix)

To say the next few weeks are going to be ridiculous is an understatement. Here’s what’s going down, music-wise:

Tonight: Alabama Shakes/First Aid Kit/Dry The River/Filligar
Next Tuesday: Blind Pilot/Tyler Lyle House Show in Colorado
Next Thursday thru Sunday: Doe Bay Fest
Two Saturdays from now: Mumford and Sons Gentlemen of the Road Stopover

Mixed in there is a road trip out to Colorado, flights to and from Seattle and then a mad dash from Colorado back home so that I can get back to work on a specific day. Anyways, all of that is to say that I’ll be stepping away for a few weeks from this here blog to do all that traveling, friend seeing, picture taking and music watching. If I had to venture a guess I’d say that I’ll be back to regularly posting here on the 20th. That’s not to say I will be without internet, just that I won’t be able to write any words here. I’ll be all over Twitter, Instagram (username: sharpadam) and, mobile app cooperation pending, Facebook (edit: looks like the mobile app doesn’t allow posting on pages, which sucks, so Twitter & Instagram are where you can find me/updates). So check in those places for pictures, links and whatnot if you’d like.

I leave you with a mix of stuff I’ve been listening to lately (and will likely be blaring for parts of the 2000+ miles I’ll be in my car for). Some of it’s new, some of it’s old but all of it, I think, is top notch. See you in a few weeks. Enjoy.

(listen via the embedded player above or click here to listen on 8tracks)

1. Smooth Sailin’- Mike Clark
2. Time To Run- Lord Huron
3. A Summer Song- Conner Youngblood
4. Sweet Life- Frank Ocean
5. The World I Heard You Wait- Dan Leno
6. Day Glo- Brazos
7. All The Time- Dante Elephante
8. Driveway Melody- RayLand Baxter
9. Call To Be- Dana Buoy
10. Pick Me Up- Air Traffic Controller
11. Shake, Shake, Shake- Bronze Radio Return
12. Old Habits- Hot Bodies In Motion
13. Coming Down- Dum Dum Girls
14. Venice- The Lighthouse and The Whaler
15. Afternoon (Daytrotter session)- Youth Lagoon
16. Lonely Love- Islands
17. The Line- The Eastern Sea
18. The Trail Remains Unseen (Daytrotter session)- Paul Thomas Saunders
19. Let Us All In- Damien Jurado
20. Headlights- Night Moves

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4 Responses to Out Of The Office (and a mix)

  1. Chris Faddis says:

    Have a fantastic trip!

  2. @mattk2 says:

    If you head through KC, be sure to stop at Oklahoma Joes. Call ahead, it’ll be worth it.

  3. Adele says:

    Have a great time at Doe Bay! And thanks for including Brazos 🙂

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