‘Nebraska (Bruce Springsteen cover)’- The Wooden Sky

I shared a short teaser video yesterday for Long Distance Salvation, the upcoming tribute to Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska, and today I’m extremely excited to share with you the first stunning cut: The Wooden Sky’s take on ‘Nebraska.’ It’s a sparse, raw and haunting cover, one that sounds much the original while also showcasing the rich warmth Gavin Gardiner’s voice.

Long Distance Salvation will be available on September 20th (and you can currently pre-order it). Enjoy.


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3 Responses to ‘Nebraska (Bruce Springsteen cover)’- The Wooden Sky

  1. Amy K. says:

    thanks Adam. Anything that The Wooden Sky touches is gold to me. That voice. sigh.

  2. lizsamdog says:

    wonderful I love the WOODEN SKY

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