My Favorite Songs of 2012 (so far)

It’s that time of year when everyone posts their first half favorites (we’ve been over this before- there is no ‘best’), and since I love making lists and playlists I figured I’d get in on the fun. Below you’ll find what are, as of today, my 25 favorite songs released so far this year (the only rules being that they had to be released on albums, EPs or as singles in the U.S., and there could be only one song per artist). Aside from the top 5 there’s no real commitment to the order things are in- I like all these songs a great deal, but what’s really the difference between #9 and #21 (besides how I feel today)? Not much, if anything. Take a listen my favorites and then let me know what your favorite songs of 2012 (so far) are in the comments. Enjoy.

(listen via the embeded player above or click here to listen on 8tracks)

1. ‘Working Titles’- Damien Jurado
2. ‘Home Again’- Michael Kiwanuka
3. ‘Lost In The Lights’- Bahamas
4. ‘Stubborn Love’- The Lumineers
5. ‘Rise To The Sun’- Alabama Shakes
6. ‘Fergus Falls’- Field Report
7. ‘Ocean, Open Wide’- Hoots & Hellmouth
8. ‘On Again, Off Again’- Lemolo
9. ‘The Park’- These United States
10. ‘Marathon Runner’- Yellow Ostrich
11. ‘Kelly Mitchell’- Aunt Martha
12. ‘Fire’s Highway’- Japandroids
13. ‘South Carolina’- Black Girls
14. ‘Open’- Rhye
15. ‘Hallways’- Islands
16. ‘Son Of A Gun’- Brendan Losch
17. ‘How Do I Know’- Here We Go Magic
18. ‘(If) You Want Trouble’- Nick Waterhouse
19. ‘Port Song’- Adam Arcuragi
20. ‘Summer For Capricorns’- Horse Feathers
21. ‘Winter Solstice’- Cold Specks
22. ‘Eighth Avenue’- Hospitality
23. ‘Ours’- Joe Pug
24. ‘Heaven’- The Walkmen
25. ‘The First Time I Ran Away’- M.Ward

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3 Responses to My Favorite Songs of 2012 (so far)

  1. joshterzino says:

    I probably won’t get to 25, but here are some in no particular order:

    Hood by Perfume Genius
    Quiet Crowds by Patrick Watson, Emmylou by First Aid Kit, Crime Of Passion by Bhi Bhiman, Oh Ye Renew The Plaintiff by Of Montreal, Layne Montgomery Is No Good At Girls by The Great American Novel, The Well by Adam Arcuragi, Passenger by Emily Wells, The Stick Song by Oh! My Blackbird, The Wildebeest Song by Ghost Pal, Let’s Not Confuse Our Thoughts With Our Beliefs by Christopher The Conquered, Continuous Thunder by Japandroids, Werewolf by Fiona Apple, The Fourth Of July by Jon Drake & The Shakes, Apple Like A Wrecking Ball by Hoots And Hellmouth, Dr. Jekyl And Mr. Hyde by Ezra Furman, Brief Thoughts On Death by Dastardly, Hospital Shirt by Jason Myles Goss, Baby Come Home by Scissor Sisters, Dougou Badia by Amadou & Miriam, Bad For Me by Brendan Benson, Take Me Out by The Wooden Sky, Lovesick Anthem by The All-About
    That’s it. That’s all I can think of right now.

  2. Great list. Here’s mine in no particular order:
    Jay William Henderson – The Sun Will Burn Our Eyes
    Sharon Van Etten – Leonard
    Shearwater – Animal Life
    Father John Misty – Writing A Novel
    Damien Jurado – Working Titles
    Cowboy Junkies – Angels In The Wilderness
    Kathleen Edwards – Change The Sheets
    Low Moon Low – Slow Train
    Buffetlibre feat. Peter Von Poehl – A Song For Elaine
    St. Vincent – Krokodil
    Flock Of Dimes – Prison Bride
    David Dondero – New Berlin Wall
    Esperanza Spalding – Black Gold
    Sarah Sample – Heart That Falls Apart
    Hooray For The Riff Raff – Born To Win (Part One)
    Alabama Shakes – Hold On
    Japandroids – The House That Heaven Built
    The Mynabirds – Generals
    Jack White – Sixteen Saltines
    Beach House – Myth
    Ane Brun – Do You Remember
    Butterfly Boucher – Warning Bell
    Cat Martino – Yr Not Alone
    Clem Snide – Song For Belle
    Laura Gibson – La Grande
    I could go on, it’s tough to narrow it down to 25 but that’s how it stands…for today.

  3. I’ll throw Star Anna’s Call Your Girlfriend (Robyn cover) and Audra Mae’s Little Red Wagon into the mix.

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