‘A Pearl’- You Me and Apollo

I’m just going to go ahead and point out a few of the things in ‘A Pearl’ by You Me and Apollo that I think are awesome, okay? Good, because paragraphs aren’t working for me today.

:03- Soaring ‘Ahhs’ and ‘Ohhs’ to open are a quick way to make me like any song.

:18- Cutting everything out and leaving just Brent Cowles’ sneakily soulful voice and some finger snaps with a ‘Shoop’ mixed in here & there was an exceptional idea.

1:08- Also an exceptional idea: combining jangly rock and roll with barbershop doo-wop.

2:11- Again with the cutting everything out thing that I dig. Also, seriously, Brent Cowles’ voice is just some kind of fantastic.

3:04- Love that quick build to a loud ending.

That, friends, is one quality little rock number. You Me and Apollo is currently working on a brand new album, but in the meantime take a listen/go ahead and buy to the album from which ‘A Pearl,’ come, Cards with Cheats. Oh, and make sure to check out/download the mix from my buddy Tim that introduced me to this jam in the first place, 4. Enjoy.

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2 Responses to ‘A Pearl’- You Me and Apollo

  1. Hello sir,
    Thank you for giving us the song of the day we appreciate the enthusiasm. On a very minor note Iit’s Brent Cowles (pronounced Coles) and also check out our new song on the You Me & Apollo Facebook

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